Suggestions to host the best whisky tasting experience

Any time you strategy to hold a whisky tasting – which might be something from inviting a couple of mates to a sizable formal occasion – you will discover pretty a couple of points that needs to be balvenie-doublewood-12-year-old-scotch.pngviewed as. Immediately after all, your visitors wish to possess the finest probable knowledge with all the supplied drams. And you’ll find some pitfalls you ought to stay away from. Listed here are 6 crucial tricks to flip your whisky tasting occasion right into a memorable working experience for your participants one.

Start out using a meal. You will eat a good sum of alcohol, so it truly is most effective to set a sound basis by consuming sufficient in advance of you begin with all the tasting. With an empty abdomen that you are far more probable to experience the undesirable results of alcohol when you have had some. No Chili, no Garlic! The meal shouldn’t by overly spiced, and you also need to refrain from applying garlic likewise. Chili paralyses your taste buds, as well as the taste of garlic is so persistent that it will likely be with you for that rest on the tasting which plainly isn’t one thing we wish to transpire.

Second, Very little or no Alcohol! You would like to appreciate the tasting with clear senses, so seek to hold your horses just before. A glass of beer or light wine together with the meal is Okay, but never overdo it. two. Water and bread. Put together jugs of cooled water, the two for incorporating for the whisky and also to drink in among. Will not use tap water except if you happen to be confident it really is not contaminated by chlorine. To become within the secure side it is actually recommendable to make use of even now spring water. To neutralize your senses among drams, serve bread. Other light snacks can also be attainable, but be sure they aren’t as well spicy (see over). three.

Much less is Extra! Even though you will be convinced as part of your consuming abilities, it really is much better to restrict the quantity of whiskies within a tasting. Sooner or later on you may observe the result with the alcohol, and you also never want your senses for being dimmed to early. The amount of whiskies in the tasting shouldn’t exceed 5 or 6, even when that you are tempted to present off every one of the excellent whiskies you may have with your assortment. four.

The correct whisky is important! You’ll find some valuable guidelines of thumb when deciding upon the purchase from the whiskies in the tasting session. All might be summarized through the musical phrase crescendo: From Very low to Higher ABV Once you get started your session which has a cask power whisky, your taste buds could be numb through the start out. So it truly is most effective to begin using the “normal” alcohol content material of 40% to 46% and them do the job your way as much as the cask strengths (if planned in any respect) From Younger to Outdated The older a whisky turns into, the additional complexity it gains. It is actually for that reason a good idea to aid your palate adapt to your developing complexity.

This doesn’t imply ABV however the standard character of the whisky. Should you have heavily peated, sherried or otherwise completed drams in your checklist too “untreated” ones, conserve the richest ones for later on. From Inexpensive to High-priced This sounds somewhat cheesy but has its justification. In the event you are fortunate ample to serve a dram of Black Bowmore, you do not actually want it for being followed by a Grouse, regardless how famed.

You have to compromise! When striving to comply with these principles, you are going to very likely run into dilemmas like “cask power 12yo lowland or 40% 18y madeira finish. In these scenarios you have got to produce a choice to break 1 or a lot more principles. The rule of thumb for this sort of condition could possibly be: break as very little guidelines as you possibly can but be cautious with early cask strengths. Within this illustration I’d really want to consider the finish initially. But then once more, a whisky tasting just isn’t a Japanese Tea Ceremony. So, if in doubt, just get a single initially and after that another.

Be sure to set a theme! The correct selection of whiskies is extremely critical for your good results of the tasting session. It truly is not only about high quality, although. Should you be on the tight price range, it is possible to possess a good session even with entry degree whiskies only. Additional significant is the option is balanced. It can be quick to have misplaced within the whisky planet with its countless readily available bottlings. But even if you narrow down the selection on the dozen or so bottles in your shelf, it is best to assume of the red line to comply with.


If you are looking for some whisky or bourbons, I highly recommend as they often have things I have seen in stock that other websites or local stores do not! You can treat yourself to some rare A.H Hirsch, George T. Stagg, William Larue Weller, or 18 year old Fitzgerald.

Most importantly, make sure your guests do not drink and drive! Whisky is very potent and you can get drunk quick. Please have pre arrangements made or call a UBER, LYFT, OR TAXI!

What whisky pairings did you go with? Do let me know in the comments. Love always and thanks for reading, Megan



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